The Cenote

This novel is about death and destruction, in a subtle sort of way.

Plot summary:

Temple Mound is a small village with a sinister past.  All is well during the rainy season, when there is more than enough water. But when the dry season returns the people have to rely on the deep pool near their village called a cenote, and that is when the deaths begin. For the cenote is not only filled with water, it is filled with secrets.
Only the men in the village know about the secrets, because only they can hear the voices that beckon from the pool.  When the voices sing the men cannot help but listen and every year at least one of them is found in the cenote—face down in the water—with his brains eaten out.
The men refuse to acknowledge that the drownings are anything other than accidents. But with each new death the women grow more desperate until finally they decide that the only way to protect the men is to break the tradition of secrecy in their village. When they discover what their husbands and sons are hearing they realize that saving them may be a task more painful and more personal than any of them imagined.

In March 2011 I went to Mexico to do research for my  books. 

This is a cenote. Can't you totally see something super creepy happening here?

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