Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bats in our Bathroom

One morning I heard squeaking and chirping noises coming from this place:

What you are looking at is the light/fan above our toilet in our master bathroom.

I do not like hearing squeaking and chirping noises when I am in the bathroom (by myself!)

 Then, after a few days, black dust began to sift out from the vents around the light, sprinkling the toilet and floor. 

It turns out there are a family of bats living above our toilet. 

This is creepy and I do not like this. 

We called the bat man and he said there is nothing we can do about it until the baby bats grow up. He said to not turn on the the fan because it might kill the babies and then we would have bat carcasses and that would be worse than live bats, since baby bats eventually fly away and dead baby bats start to rot. 

So basically we are raising bats in our bathroom. We are a bat nursery. Bat hatchery. Bat farm.

Sometimes if the light has been off in the bathroom and you turn it on you can hear them flutter around up there. Spooky.

The good thing is that the kids have stopped using the master bathroom.

This is how they get in and out--through the vent on the outside of our house:

After the baby bats grow up and can fly, the bat man will put a special door on this vent that will allow bats to fly out but not back in. 
Until then we have to wait, and I have to keep brushing off the bat dust that lands on my toilet. Ew.

On a happier subject, if were standing there, looking up at this vent and you turned around you would see this: 
 My dragon garden. 

We put a fence around it to keep out the deer and rabbits, turtles and moles, dogs and two-year-olds.

The pumpkins, cantaloupe, beans, squash are all doing well.
I had Syrena plant zinnias around the edges just for fun. I will plant more next time. 
Look at my lettuce! We've had lots of lettuce already this summer and had enough to share with neighbors.
 My corn is not as high as an elephant's eye, but it is as high as mine. I can even "toss the tassels." (Only those who have read my book will understand my little joke...)

Surprisingly I haven't had any insect problems yet in my garden....

...probably because there are a family of bats that live in my house.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't think you want to looks a lot like mice "dust." :)

  2. I know what you're all going to be for Halloween this year, and I can't believe that Batman couldn't solve your problem. I expected more. I'm scandalized by your little joke, and you have an excellent garden. Way to grow stuff and eat it.

  3. Are bats protected in your neck of the woods, or are baby bats just too hard to gently remove and put outside?

    That is hilarious.

  4. you still use the master bathroom? Did he reassure you they won't get into your house? Do they eat your mosquitoes? Have you named them? Bats make me think of lots of questions. We had a bat in the house we rented and it was loud! Your garden looks awesome and I am glad you are back in town!

  5. Bat man. Heh.

    It’s a good thing you noticed it in the morning rather than hearing the chirping noises at night. That would’ve been really spooky. I hope the pest control guy got the bats out and found a way to prevent them from coming back to the vents. A fine mesh for a filter would probably do the trick in preventing critters from squatting in your house.

    Staci Severns

  6. I know this is coming in late but I just found a bat coming out of that particular vent in my bathroom. It looked like a flattened mouse with wings...It gave me quite a scare on a midnight trip to the restroom, hanging upside down. I had never seen one and of course I screamed bloody murder scaring everyone else in the house who thought I was being attacked...My dad was able to get a towel and get the bat out but now I am in panic mode that there might be others...It was definitely not a baby bat, and the first one we have ever come across. I've never heard chirping inside there before but now I feel like I'm on high alert and letting my nerves get the better of me. My bedroom is in the attic so I'm very nervous...I have open air ducts everywhere in my room because that is where the heat and air condition flow through, I'm nervous one could crawl out. My dad said it's unlikely that there are others and he's not worried, but what does he know. Besides he doesn't have to sleep in the attic. I do. I'm also worried about my dog, he lives up here too...what if he gets bit? what if I get bit...What if there are others...I'm a mess now...I've got all the lights on in the house hoping that will keep whatever is hiding up there hidden...I can't believe I actually saw something...I wonder if it was just a random thing of if there are others...How would I know? Will they keep making an appearance like mice?