Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Bread Wagon

As soon as Sophie and Syrena saw the photo of the play kitchen in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog they could not get it out of their minds (or mouths). So I told them that if they earned $50.00, we would send that money to Santa and tell him to bring them a kitchen. (I didn't tell them it would be a Pottery Barn kitchen, though....Santa does have a budget.) So right away they went to work by making pumpkin bread for our neighbors. We priced each loaf at $1.00. I did that to keep the math simple for the girls--not to make money. But Sophie caught on quick and after our first few sales and said, "Mom, I think we should be selling these for TWO dollars!" What can I say? She's a born entrepreneur.
After five batches of bread the girls achieved their goal, and now comes the hard part...waiting for Christmas...

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  1. goodness, send the recipe this way. I'll send my kids out to earn some of their Christmas presents. Ha ha

    On a side note, Have you seen the kitchen set that Costco has? It sells out fast but it is cute just like the potterybarn ones. I think it is called the Pink Retro Kitchen and it is wood also. Rosa got it last year for Christmas. It was only in our closest store for a week or so. They really are similar. Plus even after a year it still looks pristine.
    I think the brand is Kidcraft and for a sink/oven combo and a fridge I think Santa only had to pay around $150. Maybe more with tax. I did see it online a few weeks ago, but they don't leave it listed for long. They go fast. Check to see if your store has it. I ended up driving to another store to get it. I didn't want to pay shipping.
    I also saw it on ebay. The best deal is still Costco.

    Good luck Santa

  2. I am a fan of anything made out of pumpkin so I think this was absolutely fabulous! I would have certainly bought some if I was your neighbor.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend! Now I don't have to beg you for pics anymore. Your girls sound like great salesmen!