Thursday, January 3, 2008

Turkeyboy's Creation

Check out this backpacking hammock that turkeyboy created. He has spent hours at the sewing machine and on hammock blogs designing it. (One of his hammock blog buddies wrote,"Think of the sewing machine as just another power tool." Thanks to this project, I now come Scott for sewing advice.)
Don't let its simplicity fool you...there are all kinds of physics and engineering that go into a masterpiece like this.
And yes, it is very comfortable.


  1. turkey boy's hammock looks a whole lot better that nate's does. we just have a pile of snowboarding material sitting in our room with a promise that someday it will be used as a hammock -- that'll be the day :) is scott up to finishing another?

  2. Scott says to tell Nate to COME ON OVER and they can sew together. :) What do they call that? Hammock Bees?

  3. Sweet, what is the price and how far out are the back orders?

  4. When is Scott selling them over the internet Chels? He and Cam really do need to spend more time together. Cam can't help but sell, sell, sell, on ebay.