Tuesday, February 12, 2008




Sophie (red helmet) and Syrena (blue helmet) learning how to be cowgirls. It is a good thing they have those helmets to ride this buckin' bronco because that horse is about 80 in horse years and could at any moment suddenly collapse.
After the pony ride we went and fed the chickens. The farmer let us gather eggs in the chicken coop which was really fun until Sophie got locked in and a chicken started nipping at her. She dropped the egg she was holding and it crashed on her cowboy boot. But the worst part was that all the chickens in the hen house ran to her boot and started eating the egg. It was very traumatizing for Sophie (and me) to say the least. I mean, as a mother, how am I supposed to explain the behavior of those chickens? Really!
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  1. I'm glad the horse didn't collapse on them. Very fun adventure except for the strange chicken. I hope she's recovered by now.

  2. You are too funny! Just explain to your kids that if they get out of line you may just scramble them up and put them in an omelet as a punishment. That ought to keep them guessing.

    Good luck with the school shopping! How is that new bike (and trailer) treating you?

  3. That will be a fun story to recount over and over in your family as the years go by. I have a feeling it will get funny with time.:)