Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mysterious Skunk

A few weeks ago we noticed a skunk smell in our home. It didn't seem to originate from any corner of the house; the smell actually seemed to "roam" around the house. We thought that maybe there was a skunk that got into our crawl space. I walked around the outside of the house looking for a place that a skunk might get in but I couldn't find anything. Then I looked in the crawl space myself (well, I threw rocks into the crawl space. Does that count?) and could see no signs of skunk life.
After a couple days of this incredibly strong odor I bought a Glade plug in. Now my house smelled like a skunk that had eaten a lot of lavendar. Then I noticed that the smell seemed to follow me around the house. Perhaps I wasn't taking enough showers? The girls got into this, too, and helped me look for skunks. They told people that we had an invisible skunk at our house that follows us around.
Then we discovered the culpret. Their were FOUR of them. Not skunks, but


I bought these cute--and very stinky--jelly shoes at Target a month ago. The girls love them and wear them constantly. What is a mother to do? I will pray their feet grow fast. Until then, my apologies to all who visit our home. But at least it is better than having a real skunk around.
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  1. That's hilarious, Chelsea! I can't believe four little shoes could smell that bad. Maybe the invisible skunk could make off with the jelly shoes in the middle of the night. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  2. Jelly Shoes! So funny. Who didn't own a pair of those growing up. AND they always smelled so don't feel bad about that. It cracked me up that you threw rocks into the crawl space. Yes, that does count!

  3. Hey, bathe them in tomato juice! ;)

    And congrats on the new job!


  4. Funny! And I thought I had smelly feet.

  5. Ha Ha Ha! The things women won't put up with in the name of fashion...

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