Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Invisible Girl

This is a photograph of the Invisible Girl: (She is standing in front of the stairs.) We first met the Invisible Girl in our old house. She was the one who always forgot to flush the toilet. It turns out the IG has followed us to our new home and produces all sorts michief. If I find a cup of milk spilled on the ground, or banana peels on the couch, I can be sure that it is the work of the IG. She leaves the front door open, she never picks up her toys and she steals Naomi's toys and puts them in Sophie and Syrena's rooms. The worst is when she is late to the toilet.

The IG followed us on vacation, too, and broke Grammie's jade warthog figurine from Africa. (see below) Then, according to Sophie, she took off in her invisible car.

At least she tried to fix it with some tape.


  1. Ah ha ha ha. Kids are so funny aren't they? Too cute that she tried to fix it with the tape.

  2. so let me in on the secret of the pronunciation. is it IG or said like "I" and then the letter "G"? You have very clever girls to be coming up with such a character!

  3. Loved the post! What imaginations. I wonder if I have an Invisible Boy at my house...that might explain the scratches on the van...and the broken trike...and the rotten apricot that hit James in the head yesterday...