Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visitors & Apple Pie

Lucky is the daughter whose mother will travel 1800 miles across the country to visit her grandkids. My beautiful mother drove to Maryland and then flew down to North Carolina to stay with us for two weeks. We had a great time and did a lot of memorable things, including watching Obama vote on Tuesday. (I presume he voted for himself, but he took such a long time filling out the ballot it made me wonder if he was having second thoughts...)

At the end of the two weeks, my mom's husband Terry showed up with his camper trailer and made us all the most delicious omletes I've ever had.

How is one to show gratitude to so much kindness and generousity? How do you thank someone enough for coming so far to see you? How do you express deep and sincere love to the person to whom you owe your life?

How else?

.....Apple pie!

Naomi watches the process.

Before baking

After baking

Full tummies, and happy people.

Come to North Carolina, and I'll make you an apple pie, too!

Thank you, Mom for coming and making so many memories with us.


  1. wow, I'm so impressed with your crust. It looks like a professional made pie. What a skill to have!! Any chance you can mail them out this season?

  2. That pie looks amazing! I would love the recipe! You should post it.

  3. I have had Terry's miracle omelets (at the blessing of Jaclyn's youngest). He can make them en mass like no one I have ever seen. I have never seen someone fill an entire griddle with eggs and then turn out twelve perfect omelets.

    If I would have known I might have been there.

  4. I'll be there in an hour to collect my apple pie. I like mine with extra cinnamon, please. :) It really looks perfect! You're just so domestic. And all I thought you could do was rock climb. *sniff*

  5. ps. I'm glad you got to see your mom.

  6. I can do a lot of things you don't know about, turkeyboy.

  7. Chelsea, I found your blog! I did a quick search to see which Dyreng cousin had one. Surely one of you guys do. Anyway, here's our blog: Drop a line when you get a chance.

  8. Chelsea, Aaron just told me that it's Scott's birthday too. Happy Birthday Scott! Will we get to see you guys for Christmas? (I added you to my blog)

  9. Allison -- great to hear from you. We'll be around for christmas. I try to ignore my b-day. I used to like b-days. Now the kids just like that I have them so they can give me presents that they can eat (like rainbow colored licorice)