Friday, December 5, 2008

My Brother & Me

My brother is six years older than me but I've always felt as if he was one of my best friends. Here are ten favorite memories of my brother Seth:

1. When I was little I remember that Seth could not walk past a mirror without flexing.

2. Once Seth took me out to a long dirt road in Teton National Park (I was about 9). There we ran 2 miles without stopping. It was the first time I had run that far. After we got back into the car we listened to orchestra music all the way home.

3. Seth loves music. If he is in the car and arrives at his destination just as the song comes ont he radio he will stay in the car and listen until the song is over. He is the one who introduced me to the most glorious sound sound I'd ever heard. He told me it was the sound of a trumpet.

4. When Jessica and I were little Seth would put us on the loveseat and tilt the seat back so that it was just balancing on it's back legs. Then he would leave us there.

5. As a child I was always fascinated with Seths' ability to turn his eyelids inside out.

6. One night at FHE Seth decided to teach us all some basic first aid he'd learned from scouts. He had me be the "choking victim" and he did the Hemlich Manuver on me. I wouldn't say this is one of my favorite memories of Seth, but it is one of my clearest. :)

7. I loved to go sledding with Seth down the driveway of our neighbor's house (I think his name was Jerry). We lived on a mountain, and this neighbor would leave Jackson for the winter, so his driveway was all ours. It was a long way to the top, but it was worth it when you came down.

8. Seth was home one night when my high school boyfriend dropped me off after a date. I thought my boyfriend had left, but a few minutes later I heard a knock at the door. There was my boyfriend, white-faced and worried. He asked me to get my brother. "What for?" I asked. "I just need to talk to him." was the answer. I went to get Seth, and they both went outside together. A few minutes later my brother came back in and I could see my boyfriend's taillights leaving our drive way. Seth closed the door and started to laugh. And laugh. It turns out that after dropping me off, he backed right into my dad's brand new pick-up. Seth thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

9. When I was a freshman at Ricks Seth invited me to a Big Band Dance at Utah State. (see the photo). It was a fun "date" and he let me dance with all of his cute college friends.

10. Seth and Debbie came to visit us in Chapel Hill a few years ago and we took them to Duke campus. The Cameron Indoor Stadium just happened to be open and we got to go inside and stand in the center of the court. "Rapture" doesn't even come close to describing the look on Seth's face.

Seth has always been one of my greatest heroes. How grateful I am for him.

Happy Birthday, Seth!!!!


  1. I remember idolizing Seth when I was young. You have a dashing brother.

    I spent a quarter of my University experience at Utah State, where I was propelled into superstardom, because I was related to the famous Seth Bagley. Everyone knew him.

    I remember he and his friends would concoct the most amazing dates. They should write a book. I heard rumors of his group of friends picking up their dates on a schoolbus and various other feats.

    I actually participated in one of these superdates. It was homecoming, and the theme was "O'lip'ics". They had strewn flags from around the world in the apartment. Olympic music played, and we had events such as Pictionary (but you drew with lipstick held between your lips onto butcher paper attached to the wall). They had designed an incredible menu, and the night concluded with a medal ceremony. Not many homecoming dates end in a medal ceremony.

    Seth gets a gold in my book. He always has.

    Happy Birthday.

  2. I also have some incredible memories of dear Seth. Seth always made me feel special and important just by talking to me. Seth once set me up on a blind date. It went awful. My date was fine but I made a complete fool of myself. I should have done some research on my date first. haa haa

    Thank goodness for older brothers eh?

    Happy Birthday Seth.

  3. I think this blog is so funny. I especially like when your date ran into your dad's truck.

    What's your new address so we can send you a Christmas Card? Thanks!
    Allison Nadauld

  4. I agree that it is the best having an older brother who is dashingly good looking and will take you out dancing. I happen to have four dashingly good looking older brothers and I have been out dancing with everyone! When John B. was at Ricks he was in charge of the Homecoming float. I wasn't even old enough to date and he got me into the festivities as a college student.

  5. Commenting on Aunt Liza's comment, my Dad just talked about that very time this weekend. The conversation began when Dad described how amazing it was to dance with his youngest sister, and then that he brought her to a college dance when she was really young. Yay for older brothers and for great dancing younger sisters.