Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ode to a Toad

They found you behind the house
Among the weeds so tall,
And I told them, "Please be careful--
he is so delicate and so small."

They said they would be gentle,
And treat you with respect,
And give you all you ever needed
What more could I expect?

They made a little house for you,
And a little town,
Then they put you in a matchbox truck
And drove you all around.

Sometimes you would jump away
But they'd always put you back.
Until you stopped jumping altogether
And they thought you'd took a nap.

They laid you on your little back
In a leafy bed,
And said, "Be quiet, Mom, he's sleeping,"
And made a pillow for your head.

You could have died by snake bite,
You could have died from cold,
You cold have sung your dying song
After you'd grown old,

But instead you had a nobler end
That calmed your jumping feet.
You gave up your life for the sake of Play--
A cause so, so bittersweet.

No more fluttering heartbeat,
No more mossy breath.
Most froggies die nameless and forgotten,
A lucky few get loved to death.
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  1. Oh, I LOVE THIS! That brought a smile to my face. You have a great gift for rhyme.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the most fabulous poem ever! Your dear children. What did you tell them when the froggy didn't wake up?

  3. How sad. You brought back painful memories of Fred, the pet toad that I neglected to death. One day I looked in the broken little aquarium and saw no food. And I saw no water. Fred had shriveled. He looked just like Gollum. Fred, my presssshhhhious, may you rest in peace...

  4. Fantastic story! Loved you sharing it in rhyme!

  5. love it! i think it should be published! :)

  6. Oh, Chelsea. We love you to death. Great poetry skills!! (You ought to be my lyricist.)

  7. That is the cutest thing ever. Chelsea you are great -- love the picture. It brings proof to the words. You should submit it to the paper.

  8. Please tell me you lay awake at night looking for creative, inspirational ideas how to punch up your blog!!! I can't say I am not surprised, you have always been creative and original! Loved it, thanks for the comedic relief!