Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Night

9:45 Naomi coughs and cries, I give her some honey for her cough.
10:00 Scott and I get in bed.
10:30 Naomi cries. Scott gets out of bed to talk to her.
10:45 Naomi cries. I get out of bed to give her some medicine.
11:10 Naomi comes down to our room. Scott talks to her.
11:20 I take her back upstairs.
11:30 We sleep.
2:00 Naomi cries and comes in our room again and I make a bed for her on the ground.
3:30 Danny wakes up. I feed him.
4:30 I hear Sophie and Syrena's alarm clock go off. I go upstairs. Syrena is reading a book and Sophie is getting out of bed to put her clothes on. I say what-are-you-doing-get- back-in-bed-it-is-the-middle-of-the-night!
6:00 Scott wakes up
6:45 I wake up, ready to conquer the day

All I can say is that no one threw up or wet the bed so in the end it was a pretty good night.


  1. glad to hear someone else is lacking in the sleep department. It's pure torture.

  2. Exhausted just reading this... Joshua did the same thing, only his ear was really bothering him. Someday we'll get all the sleep we need... someday.

  3. hmmmmm . . . unfortunately i can relate all too well. but i've been assured that someday children will put themselves to bed and not need us every time they cough (and doesn't that seem even more sad?)

  4. goodness, what a night.

    Last night Wiley came in at 4:30 in the night and proclaims that he has just lost another tooth. What was he doing at 4:30 in the morning wiggling a tooth, I don't know. But he handed me the tooth and left the room. He came back to tell me not to put it under my pillow. He was afraid I'd keep the money for myself I guess.

  5. That sounds like a crazy night! I don't know how you do it! Who set the girls' alarm clock?

  6. ha ha, reading books at 4 in the morning. if only our old bodies could sustain those kind of antics too! i'd be so well read...

  7. Ohhh Chelsea, this scenario is oh-so-painfully familiar! {And, about to get a little more painfully real here in 3 wks.} I had to laugh because yes, it is pure grace NOT to have the bodily fluids on top of the sleep deprivation. Whew!