Sunday, September 5, 2010

Licorice to Die For

When we first moved to North Carolina 7 years ago we couldn't find anything but red licorice in the stores. But slowly, over the years, these southern supermarkets started stocking chocolate licorice, and then, in some select stores, black Twizzlers. But black "Nibs" were still no where to be found. However, yesterday in Target I found some!
I wanted to save them for a Labor Day road trip, but I knew that if Scott saw them, the Nibs would be history. So I put them on the counter with this note:
(I had to keep them on the counter so I would remember them for the road trip. I could have hid them, but I would have forgotten about them. In case you're wondering.)

Sophie (above in the cute crown made by her cousin) saw the note an was perplexed.
"Mom," she asked, "if you eat these you will die?"
"I put that note there for Daddy." I said.
"If Daddy eats these he will die?"
"Yes," I said, "But not because they are poisoned."
"Why will he die if he eats them?"
"Because I will kill him."
"You'll kill him!?"
"No, I won't really kill him. I just put the note there so he knows that I will be really, really mad if he eats them. I'll be mad, and he'll be 'dead.' Do you understand?"
"Okay--I've got it now," she said.
A couple minutes later I passed by the counter and saw another note attatched to the Nibs:
I think for Scott's sake Sophie just wanted to clarify.


  1. I love kids. I love your girls! I think that there is some amazing licorice tucked away above the frozen desserts at Trader Joes - it's Australian licorice, which for some reason seems to top them all. Maybe next time! XOXO

  2. Ha ha! Cute. Glad no one died. Or did he? We haven't seen Scotty in any pics lately....

  3. Oh my goodness that is hilarious! Glad she has Scott's back. (You know, in case you ever DO want to poison him.)

  4. That is sooooo funny! Way to go Sophie!

  5. The additional note may represent the more dire consequences anyway. Ha ha ha.

  6. That is adorable! But black licorice? Yucky!

  7. Hilarious! What a smart girl. Scott is lucky to have Sophie looking out for him!

  8. Smart girl. . she is also absolutely right, I think some clarification was needed. Did you remember them for the road trip?

  9. The consummate communicator. Thank you for putting me on the same page with your Mom. I am so glad that black Nibs are fairly harmless, unless you are eating Chelsea's black Nibs.

  10. Classic! Loved the story, and of course LOVE black licorice! I've never seen black Nibs and will now have to search them out!