Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jimmer (the dog)

Meet Jimmer, the newest member of our family.

He is a miniature Australian Shepherd. This breed is known for being very smart, very active and very cool-looking. (Note the blue-green eyes and speckled coat.) The breeder also said that they don't smell as much as other dogs, are very good with children, can leap buildings in a single bound, kill peeping Toms with gamma rays that shoot out of their eyes. (In other words, she is a sales woman first, breeder second.)

But it is a fact that Australian Shephards are natural "herders."
I am hoping this comes in handy when it is time for everyone to get in the van for church.
It has been a fun weekend! I let you know when I want to give him back.
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  1. He is adorable!! It does sound like a great breed. We've been contemplating a dog for a while so you'll have to keep us posted on whether Jimmer turns out as well as the breeder says!

  2. Oh I just want to hug him! He is so cute!

  3. So cute! What fun to have a dog!

  4. What a pretty dog! I REALLY hope he is a great dog! Congrats!

  5. My kids have been begging me for some type of animal for years. I keep pushing it off. You are so brave.

  6. I hope he's everything you wished for and more. The saleslady did set some high expectations.

    Also, I don't know how new the photo is for your banner, but I LOVE IT!!

  7. awesome! we have a 4 month old named jimmer He's a red tri aussie. great dogs!