Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Dragon Garden Rises

There are A LOT of things I could blog about right now, but in the interest of retaining my dear friendships with people who think differently than I do, I will post about something benign, peaceful and boring.

Our garden is planted.

And things seem to be going well.

The lettuce seeds are growing lettuce plants,
the pumpkin seeds are growing pumpkin plants. 

The corn is happy to be planted by the squash and the squash thinks the corn is a good neighbor. 

None of the plants are fighting. No one is angry with each other. Each is different and beautiful and is doing its best to fulfill the measure of its creation.

I am not a great gardener.
I am still learning. 
But I love my garden.

Life is peaceful and all is well here in the Great State of North Carolina.


  1. My "garden" is growing in much the same way. :)

  2. Love this post! There are so many great symbolisms here that apply to so many different aspects of life. Love you Chels!

  3. Lovely...but what else are you up to (you alluded to something, and I am not quite catching it:)?