Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bats In My Bathroom, Part 3: Bat Man's Name is Chip

This is the Bat Man.
 He came to save us yesterday. As you can see, Bat Man really wears yellow. (I'm sure he keeps his cape in his car.)

He knocked on my door. 

Are you Chip? I asked. He nodded and went straight to work. He was a man of few words, but the Critter Control people told me Chip was one of their best. 

First he looked in my bathroom. (Or "batroom" as Scott calls it.)
"It is terrible, isn't it?" I said. 
"I've seen worse," he said. 

He put on his gloves and took apart the light and fan, letting all the bat guano (new word I learned!) fall into a plastic sack. The bats are all gone now; grown up and flown away, which was the Bat Man's plan all along. 

 Then he took his ladder and put some objects that look like hockey masks over all the vents on the outside of our house. 

For those of you who are still confused about why he came AFTER the bats were gone, let me explain. 

If he had done this a few weeks ago, before the baby bats could fly, he would have trapped baby bats in our house. The parents would not have been able to get in and feed them, and then the babies would have died and their carcasses would have started to rot. Or worse, the baby bats, desperate for food, might have found away into our house. That is why we had to wait for them to grow up. 

Take a look at that ladder! And he wasn't even frightened. 

Chip's job fascinates me and I asked him what animal was his lease favorite to deal with (since he is not only a bat man, but a opossum man, raccoon man, bird man, squirrel man, fox man, ect.) 
He said squirrels are the worst.They are the hardest to remove.  Heaven forbid I get a squirrel in my home.  I have four monkeys, though. 

Ha, ha. 

It took Chip one hour to cleanse our house from bats and to prevent bats from coming back in the future. My hero!

I will not miss the bats, but I hope they haven't gone too far, since I do believe they helped my garden. 

I am seriously thinking of getting a bat box. This is what they look like:
Charming, don't you think? Much better than living in someone's bathroom. 


  1. Did the Batman clean your bathroom too? Cause I would have paid extra for that! So glad you have gotten rid of the bats!

    1. yes, he did clean out the bathroom, the wonderful man.

  2. My previous house attracted wildlife. We had a bird and a squirrel inside at different times, and I discovered a dead bird in the fireplace. The birds were coming in through the chimney and the squirrel came through the kitchen exhaust vent. If only we'd had a bat, too.

  3. You never cease to entertain me Chels! I log onto read your posts about 2x a year (because I never sit down to do it regularly) and I spend an hour reading all your adventures! I always end up laughing and Cam will come in eventually and ask, "What's so funny?"

    Love it! Take Care!