Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

My friend Angie decided to put on a play this summer.

It all began with a lovely narrator named Eden.

She told a story about a girl named Dorothy (Sophie)

and her dog, Toto (Andrew)

who were tossed up in a tornado and landed in an incredible place called Oz. 

Here they squashed a witch and met 
 the Good North Witch (Olivia) in her awesome purple crocs,


several munchkins (Jack, Danny and Mallory)

The good witch gave Dorothy beautiful ruby red slippers to wear. 

Which Toto thought looked tasty.

But then the wicked witch of the west (Naomi) appeared on the scene!
 In my opinion she was too pretty to be a wicked witch....

 ...but she could still make good evil eyes when she saw Dorothy wearing the pretty ruby red shoes.

(Meanwhile Toto sniffed around.)

They were sent on a journey and Dorothy met some unusual friends:

a scarecrow (Kennedy), 

 a tinman (Colby),

and a lion (Syrena) 
who looked very much like Dorothy only with lion ears and whiskers.

Backstage cast members waited for their turns...

...or spied. 

The four friends arrived in the Emerald City
(I like this photo because the lion really does look scared and the scarecrow really does look like she is missing a brain.) 

They were met by the guard (who looked an awful lot like the Good Witch).

Once they entered they were face-to-face with the Terrible OZ!

Well, almost is the real wizard behind the curtain...
....and he has dimples (Tristen).

They came to the field of poppies and fell asleep.
Flying monkeys captured them and took them to the witch's castle.

Is this not the cutest flying monkey you have ever seen?! (Kathryn)

Once they were in the castle they became prisoners of the wicked witch! See her giving her evil laugh!

The witch set fire to the scarecrow. Trying to save the scarecrow Dorothy threw water on the scarecrow, but since she comes from a long line of unatheltic women, she missed the scarecrow and hit the witch!
I'm melting! 
I'm melting...
I melted....

Then the Good Witch suddenly reappeared  and told Dorothy that all she had to do was click her heels and wish to go home.  (What!!? That is it? Why didn't she tell her sooner?)

There is no place like home...

There's no place like home...

And hurray, here she is, back with her Auntie Em (Libby) and Uncle Henry (Colby)

Hurray for the wonderful cast!

Hurray for the super cute spectators! (Emma)

And hurray for the director and producer!

Thanks for the fun show, Angie. 


  1. What fun! And I loved the commentary.

  2. So fun! I didn't know Angie was back in North Carolina! We were friends a long time ago in the Cary 2nd ward. What fun moms you both are!

    1. Hi Liz!! I loved our time together in that ward. We still miss you and Jim!

      Chelsea~ These pictures are perfect. The commentary is even more perfect. They did such a great job and thank you so much for you help! I can't wait for next summer. I had so much fun doing this. I just love it when I can relive my childhood through my kids :-D Now, when does school start??

  3. Your children get more and more beautiful! What a fun, fun summer activity. You and Angie are super fun moms. Someday you, Angie, Liz and I will have to get together and party. That's my new dream.

  4. This is fantastic. What do I have to do to get invited next time? Have less rambunctious children? Maybe in a few years...