Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To The Mother of Young Children

A while ago I wrote this poem for a friend of mine. It was published in a blog called Hey Nonny. I thought that I would re-post it here, partly because I think you might like it, and partly because I need to remember why I wrote it. 

To the Mother of Young Children

Part 1

You have only so much love
In your cup.
Most of it goes to your children all day
but you share some with neighbors
and their children.
Sometimes you save some love for yourself
but not very much, because you’ll need love for
older parents
and the family dog.
By the time your husband comes home
you only have a little love left.
You could drink the last bit up yourself or
you could give it to him.
Of course you give it to him
because that is the kind of person you are, and
you know that there will always be more in the morning.

Sure enough, when you wake,
your cup is full again and
you pour out your love again
to all those thirsty people around you.

Part 2
One day
you use up all your love
for the people around you and
when your husband comes home
there is no love left in your cup
for him.
So instead you go to sleep
because you know
there will be more in the morning.
And there is.
And as long as your cup is full every morning
you know you’ll find a way to make it last.

Part 3
Then one morning you wake to find
that your cup is empty.
The children clamor for your love
but your cup is empty.
Your husband yearns for your love
but your cup is empty.
Your friends and neighbors and teachers and
strangers and family dog need your love.
But you are empty, empty, empty, empty.
Everyone depends on you.
Everyone is thirsty.
You say, I need a vacation!
But everyone knows there is no such thing
as a vacation for mothers.

This is a problem.
So you try to fill up your cup with your tears
but that is hard
and besides, no one wants to drink
your tears.

Part 4
This is when
you come and find Me
and hold out your cup.
(Please be sure it is not upside down.)
I will then fill it with My Love.
And when you know your cup is filled
with Love from Me
it will fill your heart
and your heart
will become a fountain.
And then you will not need a cup


  1. I second that- thank you. Amazing.

  2. So simply said, but amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing with strangers who read your bog (I consider myself to be a safe stranger :) )