Friday, September 27, 2013

And Here Is The Steeple

 For the past three years we have been a congregation without a home.

 For our church meetings we have been attending a building that isn't even in our ward boundries. But that is okay, because in the meantime this is being built:

This generation will never remember the old building.

We were here on this beautiful autumn day for a great event: our church would receive her steeple. 

 (I even took my kids out of school to see it!) 

It was pretty amazing. First the construction crew hoisted the steeple on to their shoulders. 

They held it there for a long time. 

Then the steeple was lifted heavenward. 

There was a tense moment when we all wondered if this man would get smushed. 

We still won't be able to go inside until at least November. 

The open house will be sometime in January.  

And you are all welcome to come. 

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