Friday, November 1, 2013

A-Witching We Will Go

I have friends who brag they are decedents of royalty, Mayflower passengers, declaration signers and Native Americans. 

Well, my ancestors were witches. 
 So I feel it is my duty to cast a spell or two once a year, and the best place to do that is at the nearest elementary school.

Sometimes my spells become flammable so I always bring along my own firefighter.

And I like to lug babies with me so that I can nibble on them when I get hungry. They taste better alive, you know.

I also brought some sister witches with me, Agnes and Agatha. Even though I'm not sure their blood runs green, they'll do.

We came bearing gifts. Magic wands that you insert in your mouth and rub on your teeth and your teeth become white. 

Although I prefer to slowly loose my teeth one by one so that I don't have to bother.

 We were also joined by Agatha's Emma Electra.

Between Agnes, Agatha and I we had seven children at the elementary school--and NONE of them were in the same classroom! That meant 7 classrooms and 150 toothbrushes. Curses!

Of course, Agnes went the extra mile and read a story.

We handed out toothbrushes, making the children vow they would brush before bed tonight. 

Those who chose not to brush would wake up in the morning as Naked Mole Rats. 

After the fourth classroom the fire fighter had had enough, so I ate--I mean fed--the baby.

I should have dressed him as a dead person. 

Thank you darling Agnes and Agatha for the mahhvelous time!

Thank you, thank you to Dr. Davis's office for donating many of the toothbrushes!

And thank you so much to the teachers who let us haunt their classrooms. I hope there weren't any Naked Mole Rats running around school today....