Friday, December 6, 2013

The Advice You Hate To Hear

Only one of these hands is mine. 

The other belongs to my ten-year-old daughter.

How did this happen? How is it that her hands are the same size as mine?

Motherhood is so decieving. The days go by so slow, but the years go by so fast. 

I know you hate to hear it--

 I do, too. 








  1. Boo! That makes me sad as I sit here by myself at home. I was just thinking of my to do list while I was walking this morning at the gym. Then I read an article about how painful "empty nest syndrome' really is and I almost cried on the treadmill. I'm still a ways off from that, but I'm feeling the 'everyone's in school and no one is left with me syndrome' this morning. I was a little sad not stopping to pick up any one in the child care area. At least my toilets will be clean...

  2. I have this sneaking suspicion that you have been writing your blog posts just for me lately. I know, I know, Not everything is about me...but is it? At least you admitted that the days go slow. ;) I think I'll write a letter to myself to open when I'm a mom of older children. And then when that mom of older children gets it, she can write a letter back.

    1. If she writes you back, will you tell her to write me, too?