Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Morning After The Morning After

After a very black and cold night

dawn came at last. 

 There was still 1/2 inch of ice on all the trees. 
Frozen fractals all around. 
(Whatever a fractal is.) 

And also lots of work to do.  Doesn't Scott make this chainsaw look good?

 Here is a closer look. He looked so hot I had a hard time focusing. 

The morning turned out to be a glorious day of falling crystals and blue sky. We spend almost the whole afternoon outside in the 65 degree weather. The air was filled with the smell chainsaw exhaust and freshly cut wood.  We got sunburns. They say it might be two or three days before we have power (I am at Duke again writing this). 

But we are more than okay. 


  1. So glad you guys are surviving! And your comment about not being able to focus because Scott is so hot is making me smile.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures!