Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let Me Tell You About Our Adventure

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are, 

We took your advice and went to the campground you raved about. It was everything you promised and more. Since you couldn't come with us we took photos.

You'll never guess what we did . . .

We played baseball! 

I am constantly discovering the blessings of having lots of kids. 
We almost had enough for a whole team! 

Levi even did a pretty good job as first baseman. 

We could have used two more people, though. Hint.

 Watch closely: Sophie, looks, aims and...

incredibly changes her outfit!

Oh, I love having twins. 

Scott couldn't wait to try out the creek you told him about. Five fish in one hour. Not too shabby. 

Always, when things get slow everyone reverts to their favorite activity, as you well know. 

My favorite activity, soon to be yours: 


Hot dogs for kids,

Steaks for grown-ups.

(In case you were wondering, the steaks were so tender we ate them with plastic forks. Mmmm...)

And Dutch oven brownies for dessert. Now I bet you REALLY wish you had come! 

 While Scott set up my tent, cooked my steak, and whipped up brownies, I spent my evening napping in the hammock. 

You know I am lying.

Then, my favorite part of our trip.

I can't explain exactly what we talked about, I can only say that it involved a spider, a fly, and it was very, very funny. 

I have no photos of the many adventures we had from 10 pm to 5 am, but if I had had a good night sleep, what would I have to talk about at breakfast? 
Soon you, too, will know the joys of camping with a baby. But, mercifully, dawn finally arrived.

And so did the Easter bunny! What a surprise!

After the eggs were gathered we packed up camp and headed to our next adventure.

 This is when we really missed you because you didn't have a chance to get to Grayson Highlands. Good thing we went, to show you what you missed.

Open space,

A view of a hundred mountaintops,

Nutella tortillas,

The Appalachian Trail,

And of course, the ponies!

It was an Easter to remember, and one of the best camping trips we've had so far. 

The only thing that was missing was you. 

We wish you the best, and we are excited for your family's new beginning. You will never be the same.

Happy laboring,


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