Saturday, March 22, 2008

Offer #3: Yale

Yale University is the third school to offer Scott a faculty position.
We still are waiting to hear from two more schools that are finishing up their interviews, though (oh, the agony!), so we don't want to be too hasty.
This next week we will be traveling to Michigan and Chicago to check out livability.
Scott and I get to go on our first trip alone together in five years! Hurray!

Be sure to take the poll in the upper right corner.


  1. That was a hard poll. I was tempted by the underwater mermaid castle. However since I don't swim very well, probably not the best choice. I went for Yale because Kurt is looking into a naval position in New Haven.
    Wouldn't that be wonderful if we could live close. Have fun with your road trips!

  2. So exciting! So nice to be wanted! Congratulations!