Friday, March 28, 2008

Offer #4: Duke

To keep you up-to-date, we returned yesterday from Michigan and Northwestern. Scott and I visited the two schools and afterwards took tours through the cities (Ann Arbor and Evanston) with realtors. (Thanks to Scott's mom for flying all the way out here to babysit our kids for three days!!!!) The trip was very informative and exciting.
We really enjoyed the experiences at both schools. One more than the other, but I don't think I'm allowed to say which one. Yet.

Meanwhille Duke (finally!) gave Scott a call. We were hoping yet dreading that Duke would offer Scott a job. Hoping because we love North Carolina and we'd love to stay. Dreading because if we decide to take a job somewhere else it will be hard to leave. Having Duke on the list of Scott's offers does not make this whole process any easier!!!
For those of you who don't know, it takes just as long for me to drive to Duke as it does to UNC--the schools are that close. However, as far as basketball is concerned, "close" matters only in the distance apart, and not because there are any warm affectionate feelings between the schools!
Sophie and Syrena associate the word "Duke" with the Sarah P. Duke gardens that we regularly visit. The gardens are huge and stunning--and great for picnics. When we first told Sophie and Syrena that Scott might one day work at Duke they thought he was going to be a gardener.

We will make our decision this weekend and post the "winning" school on Wednesday, April 2.
You don't have much time, so vote for your favorite school (now that Duke is added)so we can see what ya'll think. Take your vote seriously since it will be our deciding factor.

Ha, ha. Just kidding.


  1. So, according to your Bishop, it has to be Duke...duh, need you really ask?

  2. How exciting for you guys! Four great offers! I know Rylee's vote...and ours of course! Congrats Scott!

  3. I hate to say it, but Dook, Dook, Dook! Besides- who wants the freezing winters every where else? (I'm hoping Scott's passion for hiking doesn't give him wanderlust!

    M'Liss & fam

  4. Scott, without your guidance i may fall away from the church and rot in hell for all eternity...
    looks like you better stay....


  5. I'm so excited for Scott's offer for Duke. Oh, I hate Decisions! It would be nice not to have to move. But where does God need you? I'm excited to see your choice!

  6. Hi ya'll. I voted for Duke but 2nd place in my mind is Yale. I mean who wants those midwest winters. Who would be crazy enough to leave NC!! I loved my first impression of NC and Chapel Hill. (And if there is one thing that has been an adjustment after living in Virginia it is getting used to Idaho winters again!)Plus, I need someone to visit when we return to the beautiful beaches in NC!

  7. Go where the money is. Because after all, money is everything!

  8. Wow. After Donovan's comment I feel bad voting for Ann Arbor!

    Good luck with the decision!


  9. Oh man, what a tough decision. I just hope that when you visited the various locations that something just felt right. . . really right. I don't envy your situation right now. Good luck in the days to come. I'll pray for you.


  10. Its just a few shades darker:
    Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White Blue & White DOOOOOOOOOOOOOK

  11. I think you should come to the University of Utah!! he he he - I may have some connections here! Good luck and yeah, Duke is beautiful!