Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some of you mentioned my unedited character examination of the Disney princesses. I took it out of the original because I didn't want people to think I obsessed about the disney princesses. There were some requests for it to reappear, so here it is in all of its glory:

Shall we discuss the princesses individually?

Cinderella-- As far as cartoon characters go Cinderella is a pretty good role model. She is a hard worker, she doesn't complain, she is smart, kind to those who are cruel, creative (she did make clothes for mice, after all) and she shows a lot of grace under pressure. She also dresses modestly. (Three cheers for Cindy!) However, she is a little obsessed with "dreams" and "dreaming" and virtually all of her friends are animals unless you count the prince.

Ariel--Ariel, Ariel, Ariel. Let us all pray we never have child like this. Besides wearing nothing but a bikini top for most of the show, she likes to keep secrets, she isn't dependable, she takes unnecessary risks, and as my friend Melissa put it, "she runs away from home, sells her soul to the devil and when it is time for her to face her consequences her daddy caves in and gives her legs." We don't watch this movie in our house.

Jasmine--I like Jasmine. She is the only princess who dreams about living OUT of a palace instead of IN the palace. She wants to be loved for who she is rather than what she is. Although I have to keep reminding the girls that it is not okay to dress like Jasmine.

Sleeping Beauty--my least favorite princess because she has no personality. The prince in this show has more personality than her. The prince's horse has more personality than her. She has less speaking parts than any other character in the movie and she spends most of the movie asleep or in a trance.

Snow White--I can't give her a fair rating since I haven't see the movie for about 15 years. However she does get high marks for modesty.

Belle--Now here is a good princess. She honors her father by defending him against the ridicule of townspeople, Gaston and the beast. She then sacrifices her freedom for his safety. She is smart (reads a lot), brave, and in the end she chooses love over appearance. It is a good thing, too, because I think the beast looked better as an animal than the girly-looking guy he turned into. Thumbs down for modest gowns, however.


  1. Thank you for opening my eyes to the pros and cons of the Disney Princesses. I had seriously not given it much thought. I knew that there was something wrong with that Ariel character, and now I know...:)

  2. Lay off the princesses!!! They do it all for love people. Chelsea, you are totally biased about Belle because she reads and sings...hmmmm, who does that sound like. Ariel makes some bad choices, but don't we all? I can totally relate to Ariel. Plus, what else is she supposed to wear under the sea? A turtleneck? And..her father not only forgives her but sacrifices his own life to save her. Sounds like a good story to me!

    I am pretty sure that Snow White is a total fruitcake though. Plus that movie is wicked scary. I think the writers were taking hallucinogenic drugs when they drew/wrote the forest scene.

    As for Jasmine, I think the more important character in that movie is Alladin. Hello, he is a professional theif. Still, my kids LOVE that movie. We need a few Disney movies where the princes don't look and act totally gay. I'll take the Klepto.

    I haven't seen Sleeping Beauty recently, though I am sure it is next on our list thanks to the mega advertising lately. We did just bring home the $3.99 grocery store book and after reading it I seem to remember some funny scenes with Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather.

    Overall, I am happy to endorse the princesses as I am sure when my children are 16 they will no longer want to wear Cinderella underware, and I would gladly have them model any of their prom-wear after a Disney princess because by then, the "other girls" at school will probably be wearing pasties and string thongs to prom.

  3. Love the princess analysis...have to agree with melis on the prince point. not only are the princes listening to bette midler a little too often, but they have no personality, speak in a commercial voice-over voice and use way way way too much hairspray on their do's. the hair should move; therefore, i also take the klepto!

    oh, and melissa WAS Ariel..well, when it comes to being rebellious! except she dresses a little more modestly, in fact when she was the age Ariel is in the movie, she mostly wore really big, baggy boy clothes - so high marks for melissa!

    all that being said, had lots of fun reading the analysis...oh, and i totally second the "sleeping beauty with no personality" thing...eewwww!

  4. Good reasons. Maybe I should be glad to only have boys!!!

  5. Ha! Chelsea, I'm so glad that someone else has boycotted The Little Mermaid! I can't handle her bouncing bosom or the outrageous selfishness. I'd owned the movie (bought it in high school) and gave it away because I'd never let my boys watch it anyway - unfortunately it was to a family of three girls! Great analysis!