Saturday, August 23, 2008

My husband's hidden talent

Some men watch video games to wind husband builds hammocks.

Some of you who think you know Scott Dyreng may not know that he is a closet hammock maker/designer. Not just any hammocks, either. He makes his own back-packing hammocks. Last year he took over my 15-year-old sewing machine and became a sewing maniac, staying up until all hours of the night producing long stretches of hemmed nylon that is, at times, wall to wall on the floor of our living room. (He has surpassed my sewing skills and now I come to him for advice.) For fun, when he is not making hammocks, he talks to his hammock buddies on the internet. Take a look at his favorite site.
Naomi helping out
Using my weights to anchor the hammock.
Daddy's hammocks are very comfortable and roomy. Notice the child in the background is wearing a princess dress. Real princesses like hammocks.

This is the finished product, complete with bug net, rain tarp, and insulating quilt (the green thing). Better than the Marriot.

Last week he took the young men in our ward on a backpacking trip to the Appalachian mountains. Almost everyone had a hammock.

This is how I imagine Robin Hood's hideout must have looked like:
(Scott is in the green shirt.)

Scott has made so many hammocks now that we get the different designs mixed up so he has started naming the hammocks. The most recent (the yellow one in the photos) he dubbed "the banana hammock." The young men on the trip informed Scott that "banana hammock" has already been used for something else so Scott wisely changed the name to "The Golden Gate Bridge Hammock."


  1. Oh, I am laughing so hard that he called it "the Banana Hammock"!!!!! Also, that there is such a thing as "hammock buddies." Impressive work, Scott!

  2. I have to set the record straight here -- I have no idea how to operate a sewing machine. But, I have become quite an expert in the operation of a power thread injector.

  3. Scott had to leave the above comment to retain his machismo. A "power thread injector" IS a sewing machine and he IS very good at it.

    Maybe he'll make me a dress for Christmas....

  4. That hammock rocks. And what is Donovan doing in that picture? Sometimes I wonder about that kid...

  5. Funny about the hammock name. Oh, Scott. There's nothing un-manly about using a sewing machine. Just don't tell anyone you know about it. Could he make you a dress that is also a hammock? That way you could just sleep in your dress...

  6. Your comments about the "Power Thread injector" followed by the "dress for Christmas" were so funny that I drug my husband over to read them too.

    It was worth it. Andrew laughed, and said, "He is a funny guy, I like him". Me too.

    Now he is considering moving out towards you guys. I am serious.

    All because of a "Power Thread Injector".