Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Carolina Memories

This past week my sister Trisha came all the way from Rigby, Idaho to North Carolina, bringing two of her kids. Abby, Quinnie, Sophie, Syrena and Naomi had a wonderful time together. Here are some of the highlights:

Checking out the lily pads at Duke Gardens (don't worry, the snake is tame).

Reading fairy books. (Yes, that is the same snake.) By the looks of Sophie, the plot is intense.

Matching Halloween pajamas: the ulitmate way to bond with your cousins.

Hurricane Hanna passed by North Carolina and woke us up in the night with the sound of rain pounding down on our house. It flattened my butterfly bushes but it filled the stream up and everyone had a great time enjoying the water the next day.

Quinnie, looking for piranhas.

Quinnie's jacuzzi

Abby, Syrena and Sophie in the "jungle."

Syrena, Abby, Sophie (doing the lovely curtsey), Naomi and Quinnie on Emerald Isle, NC.

Trisha and Abby playing a game: close your eyes and listen to the waves come toward you. Guess whether or not the wave is big or small depending on how loud it is...and pray you don't get knocked over!

Daddy and his girls.

Thanks for coming to North Carolina, Trisha.


  1. Is that stream in your back yard? I am so jealous. It reminds me of the stream that Aunt Julie and Uncle John had. Not that it looked the same, but it was a STREAM, and there were trees, and a swing, and it was a children's paradise.

    Sweet Carolina is definitely looking sweet.

  2. How fun! Afton saw your pictures and asked if they were cousins. She said "I want to play with those cousins. They would be fun."

  3. Wow. Look at those rivers! Was that in your backyard?

  4. chelsea, Scott and gals! I thought I'd check out your blog. I'm totally jealous you live in N. carolina. I was trying with all my might to get lincoln to interview at duke for his fellowship. It would've been fun to be out there with you! Is there any of your great art work on you blog?....Love the hammocks!

  5. Hi Chelsea! I love the beach pictures! Your girls are so precious. I can't believe how warm it looks there. Living in the chilly NW has made me a little out of touch with what "regular" summers are like!

  6. There is nobody quite like a sister.

  7. That looks like such a fun trip and you guys caught some great moments on camera! I love getting together with family.