Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terro, my new best friend

Terro is not my new dog or my new neighbor....Terro is the most amazing ant killer in the world!

Let me give you some background:

I have had ants in my kitchen for the last ten months. They first came out from under the back door. Then we stopped them. Then they came from the window sill. We stopped them again. Then from the crack in the laundry room, then the crack at the bottom of the cupboars, then the crack on the counter and then IN my bread cupboard! By this time we are figuring out that we are not actually stopping them, but just detouring them. We tried all sorts of things: cinnamon, baby powerer, chili powder, clorox, window cleaner....I cleaned my kitchen spotless and was near obsessive-compulsive about crumbs and spills and STILL the ants came marching. Scott even bought some powerful pesticide to spray--I know I am insane--in my kitchen. And that seemed to work for a little while. But it wasn't long before they were back.

Then Scott found Terro.

Terro is this clear syrupy stuff that you squeeze on to pieces of cardboard and you put where the ants are coming out. It is like drugs. They love it. They drink and drink and drink and then they start running around in circles and dying by the hundreds. Happy day! The ones that do live take it back to their queen!

I like this photo a lot because there is even an ant at the top that was carrying an egg that stopped to take a bit of my poison. MMMWWWWHAHAHAHAHA!

I have not seen an ant in my kitchen for two weeks now.

I think I am going to name my next child Terro.

Granted, I'm sure the ants will probably come back some time, since I do live in North Carolina, but next time I know what to do. The best part of this product is that it is save to have in your home and does not harm people or pets.

And your welcome, Senoret Chemical Company for the free advertizing.


  1. Nice. We have ants too. I should try this stuff.

  2. Perfect timing! I was just in the kitchen yelling to Marcos, "AHHHH! They're back again!", and he said, "Come read this". LIFE SAVER. I'll get some today...

  3. Thank you for the suggestion! I have ants crawling around my pantry and it's driving me crazy. I think that that I will try the stuff.

  4. I am excited for your next child...Terro.