Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the Land of the Living Dead

It has been three days now since I gave birth and I still can't do much except sit around on pillows. But I have climbed the fourteen steep steps to the computer to announce that the Turkeyboy's Girls blog will now change its name to Turkeyboys' Girls.

(If you didn't notice a difference that is because I just moved the apostrophe over one letter. This sweet little trick was my friend Charith's idea so that I don't have to change the name of my blog. Thanks, Charbear, you are a genius!)

But an even more important name is this one: Daniel Morgan.

Thanks to everyone who has helped my family in the last few days. We are so grateful.


  1. Yay, he's got a name! Danny Dyreng. Very cute.

    Oh, and guess what? I found the larger clear half marbles at Jo'Ann's... we're totally in business whenever it becomes time to make those magnets!

    Rest well and have a speedy recovery!

  2. You should just call him dan dyer for short. It is an excellent name!

  3. Brilliant change. So simple. CONGRATULATIONS Mom!

  4. Love the name! Recover quickly, Chelsbear!

  5. congratulations. for making it through next delivery, and for climbing the stairs;)

    post pictures soon.
    I hope all is well.