Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh No!

Yesterday we took Danny to the doctor for his first check up. Scott and Naomi and I were waiting in the waiting room when the nurse came in and said, "Danielle?"

Scott and I looked at each other in horror. We hadn't thought of this.

Before I could remember to temper my voice I said a little too sharply, "His name is DAN-iel."

For the rest of the day Scott and I worried about this. We spent nine months searching for a name; a name that would be easy to pronouce, a name that sounded good with Dyreng, a name that wouldn't get him made fun of at recess, only to find out he is going to be mistaken for a GIRL for the rest of his life!

Something had to be done.

So I called Dan Mudrick, a guy in our ward, and asked if he had had any problems with this. He laughed and said that the only people who called him "Danielle" were people who spoke French. He said, "The problem isn't the name, it is the nurse."

Well, that made us feel better.

Scott also told this experience to one of his co workers who lives in Boston and she emailed him back and said,"It is a well known fact that southerners can't read."

So his name will stay the way it is.

For now.


  1. This video is encouraging. Someday these twins of mine that I spend all my time entertaining will be entertaining babies for me! Mwah hah ha hah.

    ...i guess I'll be off dealing with 'rocks' though.

    ...there's always something.

  2. Just a heads up guys, I might slip and call him Danielle as well...that's just how we pronounce it in Portuguese, and I also have a brother named Daniel. So, pardon moi in advance!

  3. Our daughter had problems being identified as a boy...while wearing a dress...and her name was Sarah. Usually the mistake was made by 100 year old ladies. I think it was because it took her a year and a half to grow any hair.


  4. I wouldn't worry about people calling him danielle. THe nurse must not have been paying attention!

  5. My Eli is usually Ellie to nurses. I don't get it. And they never even have a chance with my name. I'm sure Danielle will grow up to be a beautiful boy. ;)

  6. You picked a great name. I love to see a good solid Bible name. I wouldn't worry about it. By the way, CONGRATS! We're so excited for you. ElGirlo expects Miriam to come any day, but if not, she'll be induced on the 15th. Meanwhile, she's on bed rest. Not fun. Hope all is well!