Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring

Usually on Saturday mornings I make my kids do jobs.

But today was so wonderful that we skipped jobs and went to Eno River State Park.

We walked across a super shakey foot bridge,

Posed for a romantic photo,

Hung out in Scott's hammock,
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And played with moss and sticks.

Much better than doing jobs.

Spring, I'm so glad you're here.


  1. We skipped making the boys do jobs today too and they crawled around in the grass for the first time. We ate dirt and grass and all that, and all that. It was such a beautiful day!

  2. LOVE that you took your hammock to the park... next time can we come too? We entertained this evening, so today I spent over two hours on my feet preparing food, so relaxing in that hammock looks like heaven in a net.

    By the way, classic photo for your banner. I'm still trying to figure out what word you had the girls say. I'm thinking it was something like, "Okay, on the count of three, everyone say 'AHHH!'". ;-)

  3. you're a nice mama, I made my kids dejunk and organize their closets today and then made them scrub their walls. yeah, I was mean today. it felt great, and my house feels clean. but on the down side, my kids had a bad day cleaning.

  4. jobs, schmobs. Glad you all got out and played! Happy 1st day of Spring!

  5. Your new little one has traces of his Grandpa Jerry. I think your little girls (growing up very fast look like you and their Grandma Patsy) What a fun thing to do on a Saturday!

  6. I am so jealous that you live in an area where the first official day of spring actually in reality exists! We still are waiting for snow drifts to melt away from the corners of the yard where the shade falls for most of the day! Those kids are growing waaaay tooo fast! What are you feeding them? I have to admit, that little boy Daniel is adorable! Boys are soooo fun...of course what else can I say? Miss you guys!

  7. i think you live where heaven will be... beautiful! can i come visit?