Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, Happiness

This makes me happy all over.

Have I ever mentioned that I used to be a pretty decent trumpet player?

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.


  1. I did see this one Chelsea, but was afraid to link to too many videos. Or, maybe it was due to the fact that I was having such a hard time linking to the ones I put up anyway (sometimes I'm not too blogger savvy) I love the trumpeters popping out of the grass -- that could be you, right? =)

  2. Love it! I just read the other day about their other video for this song with the elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, so I looked it up and watched it. (AWESOME!) Then I spent the next hour just watching their music videos and feeling happy all over! :)

  3. oh my heavens! I was not expecting that! That song rocked! I have a new appreciation for bands now. And next time I see you I may visualize you as one of those trumpeting grass creatures! Funny!

  4. Ah, the good old band days! And may I just say that you were an amazing trumpet player. BTW, we did a play at church a couple of weeks ago, and the narrator got sick, so they asked me to fill in at the last minute. And I had to sing. Alone. Into a microphone! Ack! I totally channeled you--thanks for the inspiration. :) (Of course, I sound nothing like you, but it helped me be brave!)