Friday, April 2, 2010

Veni Vidi Vici

Here we are, ready to begin our adventure.
Notice that only one person is smiling.

We hike one mile in to our camp sight.
The girls had to carry their own sleeping bags, and they were not allowed to bring toys.
Note the stowaway.

Our campsite. It kind of looks like we are camping on a parking lot, but that is actually a tent site, meant for a nice big tent. We, however, are hammock people. Scott made all of these hammocks himself, and he can string each one up in less than five minutes. We looked quite festive against the grey background, don't you think?

Syrena's hammock

Sophie's hammock

Naomi's hammock

Danny's hammock
Actually, this isn't really Danny's hammock. This is my hammock. Danny slept the first third of the night in the little tent, the second third of the night with me in my hammock and the last part of the night back in the tent. Perhaps that gives you an idea of how much sleep I got.

Scott checking the score. Of what game? It doesn't matter, all that matters is that somewhere in the world there is a game and he can check the score.

Double-decker hammocks. Sophie and Syrena probably slept the best out of all of us. They just curled up in their hammocks and snored the rest of the night.
Naomi, however, had a harder time sleeping. She woke up more than Danny did. And guess who had to answer her call? I'll give you a big hint: it wasn't me. Yes, Turkeyboy got less sleep than anyone else.

This is what morning looks like in a hammock. Dawn at last!

Danny wakes, to the delight of his adoring fans.
My hiking shadow. It looks like I super-glued my baby to me.

Going back home.

This was our first "backpacking" trip as a family. We had some challenging moments, but I think that it was a success. If success means we made some great memories for our kids, than we achieved our objective.

Veni, vidi, vici.


  1. A total success! I love how the hammocks have a zippered section on top so that you have protection all night... Scott is a genius.

  2. You are so brave! I, too, was impressed with the zip-up screens. Help me out with the Latin here . . .

  3. "We came, we saw, we conquered."

    (but actually it is in the first person, so it is really "I came, I saw I conquered," but I didn't know the plural so I just used the singular.)
    Julius Caesar was supposed to have coined this after demolishing several cities.

  4. Chels, hi! I'm doing a blog "roundup" and so glad I popped in! YOU are lovely as ever and that sweet baby boy is such a nice addition to your mix of beautiful girlies.
    I have to say: This is my worst nightmare. Backpacking (nay, camping!) with a baby in tow. It all comes down to nursing in the cold, sleepless wilderness. I'm preparing some convincing arguments to use against Chris this summer. Poor boy, I'm just not as supportive. Once, my oldest daughter mentioned, "Remember when we were camping, at our hotel?" Yes, darling! That's MY kind of camping (for the next few years).

  5. I'm so proud! Looks like a good time even with the lack of sleep.

  6. I want to know more about these cocoon hiking trips. What gave him the idea? Is this a Manti thing?

  7. Let me guess..Scott is going to start selling them on ebay! And why not...he already has a potential sewing mill set up at his disposal...I am sure the girls can learn to sew these together in no time and contribute to the family fund. What was that quote he had about money--it was like a motto that was written on the mirror in the bathroom when you were in Provo?
    Ingenious!!! I didn't get to see Danny's tent setup.=( What did you all eat for dinner and breakfast?

  8. Tara, you remember our family motto:
    Fear God
    Tell the Truth
    Make Money.

    And we had instant oatmeal for breakfast.

  9. You are amazing! Those hammocks look awesome.

  10. I have not commented for awhile, so I have three:

    It is too darned cold here in rainy/snowy Utah to consider those amazing hammocks!

    Your Danny has some gorgeous Bagley eyes.

    I LOVE the "When the Morning Comes" Video. It is my new favorite.

  11. My hat's off to you! That is quite an undertaking. You're kids are too cute!

  12. Is your family going to make/sell the hammocks?
    if not, will you share your design patterns and maybe some instructions?
    I would love to try and make some for my family.
    Keep up the great posts!!