Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trial Run

Last night Scott set up the hammocks in the backyard to see if the girls would be able to stick it out all night. This was in preparation for our mini backpacking trip we are taking them on tonight. Scott made each girl their own hammock (pink, blue, and lavendar) and set them up double-decker in the trees. I wondered if they'd be able to actually fall asleep, but before Scott even had his PJs on they were snoring away, cozy as caterpillers in their cocoons .

Tonight might be a different story, though, for we will have our wild card: Danny.

To be continued....
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  1. oooh! can't wait to hear more :D

  2. sounds like a great adventure!

  3. Your girls are so much tougher than I will ever be. I must sleep in a bed!