Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Permission Needed

People ask to hold my baby
People ask to rock him
People ask to touch my baby
But no one asks to kiss him.

People ask to tend my baby
People ask to sooth him
People even ask to change my baby
But no on ever asks to kiss him.

No one ever asks, but I know they all do--
I see them kiss his head, his cheeks, his neck;
It is possible to hold a smiling baby
and not sneak a peck?

I know that when they hold my baby,
And are lost in baby rapture,
They're remembering long-ago-babies
And memories they long to capture.

So no one stops to ask me
or thinks I'd make a fuss
for kissing there's no permission needed--
little babies belong to all of us.


  1. so fun, and true. His little cheeks look perfect for the taking. I would sneak a kiss too.

  2. That's so true :) I love your poems! And yes, I will probably sneak a smooch next time I get to hold him!