Sunday, May 16, 2010

Syrena Hood

This week Syrena decided she wants to be Robin Hood.
I introduced the movie Robin Hood (Disney version) to them this week,
and as it often turns out,
they've become a little obsessed.
So Syrena created a Robin Hood costume complete with hat and quiver. I helped a little with the bow. (Sophie is Maid Marian and Naomi is that little rabbit named Skippy.)
This has nothing to do with Russell Crowe's new movie.
(I prefer the charming cartoon fox over sweaty Russell Crowe anyway.)

Yesterday Scott got out his bow to show Syrena what a REAL archer looks like.
...Mmm, mm...

So has anyone seen the new movie? Is it worth it to pay a babysitter and go?


  1. The Disney Movie version is in my top three favorites. I love it more than the princess movies.

    We haven't seen the Russel version, let us know if you hear it is good.

    Scott looks tough with the huge bow.

  2. That is one scary looking bow!