Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Planetarium Day

Magic Tree House

The show is based on the "Magic Treehouse Books" which my kids are CRAZY about. They are written by Mary Pope Osborn. Ms. Osborn is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina and she and her husband put together this show especially for the planetarium. It is really worth seeing. Even adults will enjoy it.

Here is the old projector in the middle of the room. They haven't converted all of their shows to the digital equipment yet, so that why it is still there.

This is what is written on the wall above the planetarium door:
I hope they leave those words there forever, because I love to read them. Could there be any better way to describe the heavens?

The giant sundial outside the planetarium:
Then we went to the Coker Gardens to eat lunch and play hide and seek.


  1. You're fun Chelsea. You are a fun mom. I always wonder if I will have the energy to do an entire day of funness for my kids...

    Thank goodness I have Marcos!

  2. How fun! Jeff and I went on our first date to Morehead Planetarium but never returned the whole time we lived in CH. What a couple of losers we are. Is that garden near the planetarium?

  3. Fantastic! How did Danny do? Was it too loud for him? I would love to take Finley one day.

  4. Such a shame. We've lived in Ch for 2 years and never made it to the planetarium. Maybe when we come back as visitors :D Sounds like it was a lot of fun.