Friday, October 28, 2011

A Tribute to My Heritage

Recently our family genealogist discovered that my sisters and I are the descendants of Margaret Stephenson Scott.
Why is that so interesting? Mrs. Scott, it turns out, was convicted of being a witch and was hung at the Salem witch trials of 1692.
This qualifies me and my sisters for membership in the exclusive Associated Daughters of Early American Witches. In order to join you must be "at least sixteen years of age and able to prove descent from an ancestor or ancestress who was accused or tried or executed for the practice of witchcraft prior to 31 December 1699."
And guess what! For only $100 we can get a life membership!
Thrilled at the thought that I had a witch for an ancestor, I immediately wanted to test my witching skills, seeing as they have lain dormant for several generations. The best place to do that? My kids elementary school!

Naomi, me and Dan Dan the Skeleton Man.

With my supernatural powers I convinced a good friend of mine to join forces with me. She brought along Snow White. (Still not sure if either of them are qualified to be a member of the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches, but not everyone can be so lucky.)
From the wart on her nose to her fish net hose, I knew I had chosen the right person.

We each have two other children attending the elementary school, so we had four classes to visit.
Here is Angie, putting the trimmings on our poison apple wagon.Angie says the skeletons are kids who didn't do their homework.

The school children were thrilled to see us and even more thrilled to try our poisoned apples. Sorry I don't have any photos of all the action, but we were very busy witches.

Sometimes we had to wait for the appropriate time to enter a class.

In between classes my witch friend tempted little Snow White to take a little bite.

The effects were immediate:This is me and my apprentice witch whose birthday happens to be today. Happy #5, Naomi!
This is Dan Dan the Skeleton Man after the third class room:

I wish we had photos of the classrooms we visited, cause the kids were a lot of fun, and they enjoyed the apples very much. It appears I need some work on my poison apple recipe since I believe all the children are all still living.

(Actually the apples were part of the "Smart Snack" program that New Hope Elementary gets to participate in. Every day the school gets fresh fruits and vegetables to give the kids. How great is that? We were lucky to be able to hand them out.)

My friend made an excellent witch. It is just a hunch, but I wager she has brew in her blood. If she doesn't have a witch ancestor I must find a way to make her an honorary member.

Thanks, Angie....that was a lot of fun!


  1. Congratulations on your totally freaky ancestry! So weird to see you and Angie together. My worlds are colliding!

  2. Fantastic! Melissa, you would make a great witch too. And I mean that in the best way ;) I love when worlds collide. I can't wait for next year.... Maybe I can prove my membership by then.

  3. You guys make great witches! That is so awesome that you have witch heritage, I find Salem to be fascinating! I took my children on a witch tour, which as it turns out, is NOT kid friendly and actually very scary.

  4. Oh so fun and great costumes! Did you know I used to work there? I miss my old school. It was such a great one!

  5. You are the world's coolest Mom. I laughed out loud at the poison apple effect on Snow White. Wow, they did not show that part in the Disney version.

  6. I'm with Candice, I cracked up at the poison apple's effect. Too funny. You're such a good mom Chelsea!

  7. Oh, Danny. That's the picture that had me laughing. Chelsea, I'll be sure to be careful around you, I don't want any hexes messing up my life.