Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hangin' Out

A few weeks ago we decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with a family campout.

We had to backpack in--it was an ENTIRE MILE.

Danny made sure we stayed on the right path. He loves to touch the "blazes" on the trees.

When we got there Turkeyboy strung up everyone's hammocks.
Here is the set up for the twins, double decker style:

This is a view of their hammocks while I am laying in mine. It rained all night and all morning, so it was a good thing Turkeyboy put up the tarps. We all stayed as warm as little caterpillars in cocoons.

Danny, below, looks like he loves hammocks, but don't let that happy smile fool you. In reality we bring an entire tent just for him. One of these days he'll catch on to the hammock idea.

Hammocks are a great place to read. This is Sophie late that night, reading.
She looked just like a little glowing ember.

Then, over Easter weekend we took another camping trip. This time to a swamp called Merchants Millpond. Instead of backpacking we canoed into our camp site.

We saw turtles and herons and frogs. They say there are alligators there, but they were all hiding from us. Too scared.

The water was a blackish reddish brownish color...kind of like paddling through root beer. It even made fizzing noises when you paddled into the floating green stuff. I don't think it tastes like root beer, but I can't be sure, since I didn't actually try it.

Turkeyboy hung up the girls hammocks in a little triangle and they spent a long time swinging into each other, and making up songs about Easter.

Since we canoed in we could bring more gear so we brought a popcorn popper to make popcorn over the fire.

Worked like a charm.

There was a great big shining full moon outside that was so bright we could see our shadows. It was frrrrrreeeeezzzzzing, though, and on this campout most of us migrated at some point in the night to the tent. (All except Sophie who displayed true pioneer grit by hanging out all night. Luckily we didn't have to remove any of her toes in the morning.)
Part of the problem was that the girls don't have under quilts beneath their hammocks and they still use wimpy "princess" sleeping bags, so it isn't good camping out in nights under 50 degrees. (Remember how a ice forms quicker over a bridge than it does over the road? Hammocks have the same matter how much you put on top, it gets COLD underneath! So serious hammock makers sew sleeves under the hammock where they slip in "quilts"--not the patchwork kind, but down quilts made of 100 % goose feathers.) Turkeyboy and I are looking in to fixing that little problemo. I am pretty sure the girls and Danny will have quilts for our next Easter hang.

It was a busy night! For in addition to all the moving around and changing places, the Easter Bunny (whose name, I was informed, was "Egg Buster") came to our campsite and decorated it with his colorful eggs filled with chocolate, proving that the Easter Bunny really CAN find you, no matter where you are.

I wish I had photos of the eggs, but, alas, they were discovered and gleefully collected before Turkeyboy and I had risen from our beds! You will just have to imagine how it was.

It was a great way to spend our Easter weekend. Here is a parting shot of the sunset on the swamp.

Bet you didn't think swamps could be so fun.


  1. You guys are so hardcore I love it! I am very impressed that your girls slept in those hammocks! Way cool.

  2. Moonshadow...I did not realize that was a real thing. If I was in your family, I would probably know.

  3. Man, I didn't think swamps could be so fun. Thanks for setting me straight.

  4. Wow! You guys are seriously hardcore campers. Hammocks in a swamp? Are you kidding me?!

  5. wow hammocks? That is so cool looking. when I saw the swamp I was thinking gators. Do you have them there?

  6. Loved the post! I read it with Connor, my oldest, and half way through the post he said, "Wow, they look like a fun family! I wish I had a family like that!" LOL!!!
    (So I guess that means, camping out on the tramp doesn't count. Or the fact that we have gone to Island Park 4 times in the last 4 months to stay at the revered, holy cabin. I mean, its their favorite place on earth!)