Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Journal-Entry Christmas

I can't even begin to describe the loads of fun we had on our Christmas adventure to the West. Perhaps it will be better if I just keep the words to a minimum and let the photos do the talking.

Make sure you scroll to the end, since I saved my favorite photo for last.

We'll start with Christmas morning at Grandma's and brand new pajamas

Naomi reads note from Santa on the Best Christmas Gift Ever.

Naomi and Syrena trying out the Best Christmas Gift Ever

And here are Syrena and Sophie.  (You can't tell from this photo, but they are going very fast.)

But, as always Christmas presents took second fiddle to the BEST part about visiting the west:


You see, in North Carolina cousins are as rare as the snow. 

 Here is Sophie and cousin Abby

That was our Manti adventure. 
We did many more things like played puzzles, ping-pong, skeet shooting, swimming, 
but this will have to do for now. 

Now we move to our Wyoming adventure. 
First we went to Afton to visit the graves of my dad and brother. 
(The last time Sophie and Syrena were there they were in the womb.) 

It was good to be back, even if we had to brush the snow off my dad's headstone.

Naomi's first ice sickle.

Bright eyes of my sister and her boyfriend.

Green eyes of cousin Abby and Naomi.

More sledding! 
Here is Syrena and Savannah sledding down a path Grandpa Terry made for them behind his house. 
In the background is beautiful Star Valley where my mom and her husband (Terry) now live. 

We spent our last day in my hometown, Jackson, Wyoming.
We decided to be tourists and go see us some wapiti. The National Elk Refuge gives sleigh rides in the winter (as in sleigh rides with *real* horses). Here is Syrena gazing at the elk in the glittering snow.

You can tell by Naomi's face that she thinks this is way better than Disneyland.

Here are the girls with the horses (see? real.) I think their names were Bob and Rob.

 I think elk have a sedative effect on Danny.

On the last night these two slept on the floor under a table in our hotel room. 

It is hard work to play for ten days straight.

But wait--I'm not done yet. Remember I told you I saved my favorite photo for last?

I think the following photo expresses the absolute joy we all had as adults this year as we watched our kids have fun making memories. It is great to be a kid having fun, but it is pretty cool being a grown-up who helps kids have lots of fun.

Here is Danny going for a sleigh ride with his Uncle Darren.

Thanks to our parents, our sisters, our brothers, our in-laws, our nieces and nephews, the elk and Bob and Rob who made this Christmas so unforgettable.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.


  1. What great photos! Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Come home Dyrengs! Its not just cousins that miss you!

  3. Love it! I have been in places where cousins and snow are rare. It makes it even more joyful to be where both are plentiful.

  4. Oh my! That looks like SO much fun. We should get together and compare our Christmas trips. If we made a Venn Diagram, Christmas would be the only thing in common..oh and maybe a snow flake or two. I am so glad you had fun!