Sunday, January 13, 2013

My New Years Resolution

I have two new years resolutions. 

One is to stay within my grocery budget. 

The other one is this: 

These books have been recommended to me for years by friends and/or family members and I just never had time (or desire) to read them. 

But this is the year. Why? Because it is going to be a nursing year. And as I suckle my bonny wee babe I could either stare at the wall or I could invigorate my mind. I choose invigoratation. 

Each book is over 700 pages and each takes place in roughly the same time period (1850s to 1870s).

The locations of the books are very different, however, which will make for some interesting comparisons.  David Copperfield takes place in England, Anna Karenina in Russia, and Gone With the Wind in my backyard (well, almost).  

I will start with David, then move to Anna, and for dessert I will have Scarlett. Mmmmmm. 

After I finish each book I will give you my review and tell you if the books was worth the read, if it was stimulating or if I was bored out of my mind. 

And to be honest, as tremendous as this goal seems I probably have a better chance at finishing these three novels than staying within my grocery budget. 

But don't tell Turkeyboy I said that. :)

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  1. I like it, and I too am hoping to get in some solid reading during feeding times! I think my book club might try to tackle Anna Karenina this year; so maybe you and I can discuss it when we're both done!