Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Syrena's Big Day

This is Syrena. 

This is her instrument of choice.

Okay, maybe it isn't really her choice. 

But last week she reached an important milestone: she played her first hymn. 

In our family, there is a special reward for those who can play a hymn: we stick a needle through their ear.

I was 28 when I first got my ears pierced. Although, just for the record,  I played my first hymn long before then. We didn't have the ear-piercing reward in my family. If we had, perhaps I would be a much more accomplished pianist.

But regardless of my excuses of why I never became talented at piano, this was a great accomplishment for Syrena and a wonderful moment for us all to celebrate.

We went to Claire's first, but the woman there had not only her ears pierced,
but her lips,
her nose,
and between her eyes.

Scott told me later that that just proves that she is good at what she does. I would have taken a photo of her for the blog, but I think her image might have shattered my camera.

Suffice it to say, Syrena opted to go with the nice grandmotherly looking woman at the Walmart jewelry counter.

How much will it hurt? Syrena asked me. 
Worse than a shot, I said. 
Worse than a broken arm, I said. 
Worse than childbirth, I said. 
Will you pray for me? 
Yes, I said. 

That didn't hurt at all, Mom. 

Of course not, I said. 

This is what Dan thought of the whole ordeal. 

Which is good, since I will never take him to get his ears pierced. 

No matter how many hymns he can play.


  1. COme Follow Me is a fine choice for first songs. I didn't know you finally took the plunge, you were so proud of your virgin ears. What made you change your mind?

    1. My older sister Korinne, who was put me on a guilt trip when I was nine and convinced me that it was evil to put a hole in my ear, re-pierced hers after Pres. Hinkley said it was okay to have just one. Plus, I was pregnant with Naomi and I needed a distraction from being large and unfit. I'm glad I did it since pierced earrings are so much more comfortable than clip ons...

  2. That is awesome. What a brave girl!

  3. I also had a deal with my parents to get my ears pierced based on piano practicing. We were originally not allowed to get our ears pierced until we were 16 but after I pierced my own ear at age 11, my parents realized how badly I wanted it, so we came up with an agreement based on piano practice.

    1. You rebel, Merissa. I had no idea that you were so determined that you would do it yourself. Glad you and your mom found a good way to compromise. So I wonder if you have a girl someday what will you work out?

  4. Come, follow me was my first hymn!
    I got my ears pierced when I was 8 or 9 I think. I can't remember any deals or compromises to earn it though.
    It's tough to negotiate your position when there are babies at church with their ears pierced.
    My 6 1/2 year old has been begging me for over a year to get her ears done. I kind of like holding it over her. I'm awful.